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[Z]ColorMatrix Basics - Simple Image Color Adjustment

This article discusses color operations on digital images, using the new ColorMatrix class provided by GDI+. The ColorMatrix is a welcome addition to the GDI library, especially with the increase in demand of digital imaging applications, as more and more consumer products are made available. This class, as well as many other new GDI classes, provide more control to the developer and reduce dependence on 3rd party applications such as LEAD tools, and others. Some basic knowledge of matrix operations (multiplication, addition, etc), the RGBA colorspace and GDI+ is assumed.


make -j(n)的用法

Timing the Linux -j(cpu+1) Myth

Quite a few times I've been told to use the make -j(cpu+1) flag when building on Linux. Once I got my smp box up and running I ran a series of tests to see if this was correct. I guess the theory is you should make sure the processor has something to do by telling it to start one more job than the number of processors available.


[Z]VS Debugging : Just My Code

The debugger has a new feature this time around called 'Just my code'. This is a new-for-Whidbey managed debugging feature.

Philosophy of Just my code:
The basic idea is that when you debug an application, you want to debug the code in the application, and not all the code that is in the Framework. Specifics:



%nbsp%nbsp http://www.sowang.com %nbsp%nbsp 2005年5月19日 作者: 闻氓

%nbsp%nbsp%nbsp Seo的初衷----浮出海面

%nbsp%nbsp%nbsp 04年下半年来,关注搜索引擎与网络营销的人士都会发现,SEO成为了这个领域最热门的话题:国内所谓SEO行业悄然兴起,向病毒传播一样迅速发展,部分企业及个人网站开始热衷搜索引擎优化(SEO),甚至诞生了不少专业公司和个人以此牟利。
%nbsp%nbsp%nbsp 05年的3-4月,google,yahoo等国际搜索巨头,中国搜索引擎界,开始大规模清理垃圾SEO。